Organisk Linje SwedCOLOR Lips -Soft Red- 10ml

Organisk Linje SwedCOLOR Lips -Soft Red- 10ml

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SwedCOLOR Organic Line - DO NOT contain iron oxides and nickel.
-Soft red- neutral soft red.
-Intensify natural lip color to fresh reddish look . To avoid intense color look-minimize passes,soft shading technique or use 1-2 drops of Diluent.
-Can be used to mix with other lip colors .
Can be used for : Lips

Capacity: 10ml
For Microblading and Machine Permanent MakeUp
Made in Germany
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Fantastic pigment range manufactured by German standards !
SwedCOLOR organic pigments are produced synthetically to ensure the highest possible purity.
High color density -vibrant colors - just give a good bottle shake before each use ! Steel ball inside each bottle .
Perfect healed results with easy implantation.

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